Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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A few friends of mine recently got together to do a bit of a ‘wayback playback’ session where we feature some of our favourites from artists that others may not have had the opportunity to hear when each were in their ‘prime’.  I definitely missed this back in 2008, but thanks to a good ol’ pal, I’m in the dark no more!

The Norwegian Marius Vareid is one half of Ytre Rymden Dansskola and is currently preparing his first solo album with Prins Thomas in his K16 Studios. His stuff is the kind of Balearic house that puts a smile on your face, mixing lushness, pianos and a driving beat. All of which is perfected in that one single from ’08. Take a little gander below to have a listen and hit up the Norwegian’s site for more excellent beats.

Tropisk Storm comes from the release Skumle Planer (2008) in case any were wondering.

Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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Anoraak [New Album – Brap!]

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Well the day is here! Anoraak’s new full-length album drops tomorrow (Sept 21.2010). Fans will want to stay tuned here to find where they can pick it up digitally. Below is an audio-update on him since the last time we posted on him… tomorrow is going to be a really good day. It’s that simple.

It’s also a good time to be in France! Anoraak will be there until December. Check those show dates here.

Here’s the new single in case you missed earlier previews: (check more remixes on SOUNDCLOUD)

Try me by anoraak


Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix) *

Anoraak – Above Your Head

Circlesquare – Dancers (Russ Chimes VS Anoraak Remix)

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (GRUM Remix)

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy Remix)

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Dead Man’s Bones + Turbotito

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Holy shit this is good. I think I’m addicted to lounge house.

Turbotito checks in with his latest remix to Dead Man’s BonesLose Your Soul. It’s a track that has some vocals reminiscent of the Hercules And Love Affair/Hegerty + Pocketknife/Worricker combo while adding some accents, one of which sounds similar to the Vox Continental organ The Doors had picked up. To top things off you get a choir to occasionally add in a Gospel backdrop. ‘Wow’ is pretty much all I can say.

Both artists bring out more of the same, get more by clicking each individual artist name for their myspace. Although..the quickest way we can get you more is through beatport for Turbotito.

Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul (Turbotito Remix)

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Seekae is another artist from my collection of personal favourites. The Sydney-based trio produce an unbelievable light sound. The melodramatic chords combine together with some rushing synth and powerful breaks in Wool. An absolute must have for anyone that hasn’t yet experienced the power that raw emotion and light electro can create when done well. Void on the other hand is an epic twist of light vocals saturated with innovative and sporadic soft instrumentals to completely entrance you in another great mood track.

As a bonus check out their past remix to Teenagersintokyo, a remix that is equally impressive.

Seekae Ft. Ivan Vizintin – Wool *

Seekae – Void


Teenagersintokyo – End It Tonight (Seekae Remix)

Letherette [Blad]

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I recently bumped into a little bit more Letherette to help pad the funk section within my music library. It hit so hard I couldn’t let it pass on bye.

The UK-mastermind has been producing for some years now, having claimed to originate in a dark dusty lounge that played the repetitive and untouched beats. It wasn’t until the Letherette Lounge’s “discovery” that exposed it to the surrounding populous. They are so talented. One of my favourites is listed below entitled, Blad, and it’s absolutely perfect to accent those lulling days that just seem to stand still.

For more check myspace. Also click here for more compilation albums featuring Letherette available out on beatport.

Letherette – Blad

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Glass + Sean Roman

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Sean Roman is a damn good producer. He recently sent us his newest edit for your listening pleasure. It’s a laid back disco funk addition to Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat by the one and only Glass. This take is excellent. I love the ambient house fell and the funky bass-line that sails its way through the track helping to maintain that low tempo feel that sounds so good. The Ontario local has obviously been staying busy after releasing his previous gems Lick and Phone Call (we mentioned it earlier).

Glass – Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Sean Roman Edit)

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Salad – [Pushin’ Pressure + Chicago]

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Salad is a Canadian DJ from Ottawa who has been producing music for the last two years or so now on his current stuff, he has been Dj’n for the past four. Within that little time frame he has perfected some great jazz-based disco that plays right up our alley. The two beats he tossed us tend to start off with something seemingly simple, but then the combination of electro, funk, disco, and jazz come together to create something quite more abstract than I could have ever expected. The sound is something serious and the killer of course is the light jazzy keys. They give each track that added boost that could brighten anyone’s day.

Whether it’s performing his Greek, fruit and Mediterranean salad mixes as a dj, or performing his originals with his gang of cronies, The Disco Vikings, Salad’s objective is to liven up the party and such objective is never disappointed.

Watch out for his latest EP, set to release  late August. Check here for that. Until then, enjoy Pushing’ Pressure and Chicago, two tracks to be featured on the album.

Salad – Pushin’ Pressure

Salad – Chicago (feat. Drew Zaremba)*


Salad – Darwin Finch

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