Sean Roman

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One of Top Billin’s newest signings, Sean Roman, is back making some noise. The Toronto-based DJ and producer has it all. These couple of tracks showcase the unique raw ability Roman puts into his disco-house instrumentals. Where Is My Money & Sore + Fear are no exception. They both radiate a lovely combination of funky house flare.

For more great tracks check the archive or his Soundcloud page.

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Sean Roman has got a few other buns in the oven, such as working on a group house music project called White Lions. White Lions are a production team made up of Sean Roman, and Cody LG and Rob Steal (from Rainbros check out their latest release on I’m a Cliche). White Lions is a project that takes house back to its roots while looking towards the future.  Drawing together a wide-range of influences and production techniques White Lions craft timeless evocative tracks that are guaranteed to get dancefloors moving for decades to come.

Check out that project here.

Sean Roman – Where Is My Money

Sean Roman – Sore + Fear

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Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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A few friends of mine recently got together to do a bit of a ‘wayback playback’ session where we feature some of our favourites from artists that others may not have had the opportunity to hear when each were in their ‘prime’.  I definitely missed this back in 2008, but thanks to a good ol’ pal, I’m in the dark no more!

The Norwegian Marius Vareid is one half of Ytre Rymden Dansskola and is currently preparing his first solo album with Prins Thomas in his K16 Studios. His stuff is the kind of Balearic house that puts a smile on your face, mixing lushness, pianos and a driving beat. All of which is perfected in that one single from ’08. Take a little gander below to have a listen and hit up the Norwegian’s site for more excellent beats.

Tropisk Storm comes from the release Skumle Planer (2008) in case any were wondering.

Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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Nicolas Jaar

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Caught a listen of a few edits from New York based Nicolas Jaar these past few days (they released a couple weeks ago). The music the 20 year-old produces is real funky and disco-based.  It’s hard not to see why they have been getting so much playtime among other blogs.

Nicolas was born in NY and raised in Chile but at the age of 11 went back to NY with his family. Being in the music hub, he started composing piano-based tracks until he discovered electronic music. At the ripe age of 17 he submitted his first track to the label Wolf & Lamb, which fascinated them enough to work out a deal. Nicolas Jaar has been expanding ever since.

For more Nicolas Jaar click here.

Nicolas Jaar – Come N’ Get It

Nicolas Jaar – Shakedown

Nicolas Jaar – Stay In Love *

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Glass + Sean Roman

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Sean Roman is a damn good producer. He recently sent us his newest edit for your listening pleasure. It’s a laid back disco funk addition to Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat by the one and only Glass. This take is excellent. I love the ambient house fell and the funky bass-line that sails its way through the track helping to maintain that low tempo feel that sounds so good. The Ontario local has obviously been staying busy after releasing his previous gems Lick and Phone Call (we mentioned it earlier).

Glass – Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Sean Roman Edit)

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KA SO RE + Helsinki 78-82

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KA SO RE is Finnish producer Jusso Malin and recently added Henri Seger. Together, along with a live accompanying band, the two create vast impressible instrumentals that are like no other. So when other Finnish crew Helsinki 78-82 got a hold of these tracks it was bound to take off. My newest favourite is a track entitled Bunnies, which you can all catch below.

Find more Helsinki 78-82 remixes here!

KA SO RE – Bunnies (Helsinki 78-82 Remix)

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Microclinic – Shield EP

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Microclinic are a project from Milano, Italy making some pretty dramatic beats. Their album-titled track from their first EP entitled Shield is spectacular. It’s full of epic dreamy-disco synths and light sounds. My kinda stuff. You won’t want to miss out on the EP which you can grab samples of off their myspace

Or download it for FREE off the artists soundcloud page: direct link here. Be sure to thank Microclinic for their generosity.

Microclinic – Shield

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