Sean Roman

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One of Top Billin’s newest signings, Sean Roman, is back making some noise. The Toronto-based DJ and producer has it all. These couple of tracks showcase the unique raw ability Roman puts into his disco-house instrumentals. Where Is My Money & Sore + Fear are no exception. They both radiate a lovely combination of funky house flare.

For more great tracks check the archive or his Soundcloud page.

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Sean Roman has got a few other buns in the oven, such as working on a group house music project called White Lions. White Lions are a production team made up of Sean Roman, and Cody LG and Rob Steal (from Rainbros check out their latest release on I’m a Cliche). White Lions is a project that takes house back to its roots while looking towards the future.  Drawing together a wide-range of influences and production techniques White Lions craft timeless evocative tracks that are guaranteed to get dancefloors moving for decades to come.

Check out that project here.

Sean Roman – Where Is My Money

Sean Roman – Sore + Fear

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Android Automatic [Dreaming In Color]

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Android Automatic is back. The Detroit, Michigan native is a solo indie-electro artists with influences spanning from Radiohead to Kraftwerk. Some of which can even be heard in this new track sent our way entitled, Dreaming In Color. It’s a soft piece off the impressive After Summer EP. Follow him on FAIRTILIZER and MYSPACE to find the latest buy links when they get started.

Click here for more posts on Android Automatic.

Android Automatic – Dreaming In Color

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Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love

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A classic from Florence & the Machine turned magnificent remix comes to us in Cosmic Love, an encompassing soft electric melody that will clog your pores and lift your spirits. Flor uses that eclectic voice that makes her so unique within the industry. I love her stuff- (find more here). The short club edit is dynamic and innovative. Its been a longtime favourite of mine for awhile now.

The original version of “Cosmic Love” arrived as a single on July 5.10. Buy more Florence & The Machine here.

Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix)

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Monday Conglomerate

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It’s a triple threat Monday! I couldn’t decide what to post so all three of these should do. If you’re already having a bad start to the week maybe one of these will help ease the pain.

To lead things off we have Martyn. An individual who I didn’t know much about before hearing this track. Now I have his myspace tabbed and there’s more to hear than this beauty below.

This track can be found off Tiga’s album Gentle Giant Remixes, released July 12, 2010 on Turbo Recordings. Purchase that album here.

Tiga – Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Heaven Remix)

I think most of us can just look at who is involved in this next track and almost know before you hear it, that it will be something you will want to hear again. Bold statement but it will live up. You have got to love those riffs.

In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version)

A little disco-pop mix to cheer things up a bit. Edwin Van Cleef has produced some dancefloor hits in the past, some of which remain hot today, but this feel-good track could impact just about anybody. A perfect cure for the Monday woes.

Housse De Racket – Champions (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

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Royksopp – This Space

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Thought I would kickoff today with a beat that has completely taken me over. This chill I get is from Royksopp’s new single This Space. I’m not quite sure what that feeling is but it’s so overwhelming it feels like it could be life changing. An epic instrumental that embodies some of the greatest laidback and relaxing moments of my summer.

Listen to this on a dock, in a car, in a bed, in a chair, in a waiting room, and while you dream because it’s that good.

Royksopp – This Space

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Royalty Session

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The new demo from Monarchy is impressive to say the least.  The London duo are bringing some flare to some soft electro jams.  The track starts off slow until the melodies break into one another, from there it simply takes off.  I’m digging every second of it.  It’s hard to throw out a comparison for you because there’s many different elements to it.  A great mood track to carry you throughout the night.  Brilliant.  I wish I had a label so I could attempt to sign these guys.

Monarchy – Gold In The Fire (Demo)

russ chimes

Russ Chimes is a pretty sure thing when it comes to providing gold for the dance floor.  His latest remix comes from LA Nights, which is now available on itunes.  It’s the typical smash from Chimes who never ever seems to disappoint.  Myspace is a good place to catch more bangers.

Fabian – Heatwave (Russ Chimes Remix)


I’m sure by now you’ve all caught the new single Night by Night from Chromeo released a few weeks back.  All the remixes have came and gone and for now, I found one that really leaves a punch.  Skream’s remix just barely edged out the new version from DJ Anonymous.  The laidback take does wonders to compliment the pop-based lead vocals from Dave 1.  But I still love the funky rework Anonymous does.  Anyway I included both, if you feel like sharing post your fav.  If you don’t have the original electric avenue has it for you here.

Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix)

Chromeo – Night By Night (DJ Anonymous Remix)

Alan Braxe is one of the few individuals who can reproduce mainstream music into listening gold.  Not that teeny boppers don’t have an ear for great music….”To the window! To the wall!” haha; I’m just saying that Braxe definitely knows how to turn it up a notch and it doesn’t matter what piece of music you start him out with.  The newest remix to hit us last week was Broken-Hearted Girl.  Fantastic Dub remix, but there’s a slow and bothersome Radio Edit out there… so don’t get confused.  The ‘right’ version is listed below.

Beyoncé – Broken-Hearted Girl (Alan Braxe Dub Remix)

The interview above is crazy fascinating and Too Many Sebastians led me to it so thanks for that.

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