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aerial noise is an online MP3 music project independently promoting electro, disco, disco-house, and funk music. In a nutshell, we like to try and introduce fantastic music from a genre that doesn’t get too much exposure that is pretty awesome. We do this to let people discover new artists, fall in love, buy their CDs and go to their shows.

Our plan is to have something new or old queued up every night so you can start your morning with what had us dancing yesterday. The odd day we’ll get an exclusive. Those days will be special… But until then, we’ll try to keep you to updated with different music styles, genres, and artists. If we miss a day or two, my bad… if we miss several… find out why on our news briefs page.

We also tried to make this site as interactive as possible. We think it’s cool to have everyone help promote the songs they love.You can help by showing us what’s hot using the voting system (a simple thumbs up or down will get the point across and will allow other visitors to easily follow what you liked). If you really like the track click the Facebook ‘Like’ button and share the music with your Facebook friends. There’s nothing friendlier than social networking.

Also to the fans that come to love this site, you can follow our posts on facebook and on twitter. We’re all busy right? Sometimes we can’t always make it to the site and I’m guessing you hit up those more often than you come here. So click on the links in the left toolbar and start following today.

Enjoy what you find and please pay tribute to the artist! (we mean financially! help a brother out)

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All songs marked with an asterisk (*) are our own personal favourites within the very few tracks we may share in any given post.


We respect all artists!  It is extremely difficult to do what you love and make a living off of it simultaneously. So whether you’re struggling or successful, established or new, have fans or not, we would love to hear your stuff and have the opportunity to share it with a few people passing by. The individuals at aerial noise respect and purchase music.  Sure the internet has its perks but MP3’s do not come close to the quality in vinyl or transfer over quite like an EP or album.  So with that we encourage you all to purchase the music of those you love.  Even if you stay the electronic route, we recommend using beatport or itunes.

We try to be as accurate as possible but sometimes mistakes occur, if you notice any please report them here.

All the music here is shared for promotional use only. If any of the tracks here are yours and/or you want them removed, throw us an email and we’ll make sure we got your back.