Alphabeat + Frederik Olufsen

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Frederik Olufsen is back! The Danish producer is known for his hard hitting beats, which is why you should expect nothing less from this Alphabeat remix. It contains some powerful dance vocals and that typical Olufsen sound to bring down the house. You are going to want this at your next party.

Find Olufsen back touring early in the new year. You can get those dates, and any late addition, all by clicking right here.

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In 2008 Frederik Olufsen had his first signing at the Danish house label Nightology Records, rapidly followed by contracts at various acknowledged labels (15+ atm) such as Coco Machete, Big Fish Recordings, Erase Records, Plasma.Digital etc. with remixes of/by the likes of Lazy Rich, Dirtyloud, Baba Black, FM Belfast, Alphabeat, Tai, Yenn, Dúné and Utku S. just to name a few. Recognized as the “black sheep” and noisy kid in class,

Frederik Olufsen’s unlimited forward thinking and boundless productivity has gained him support from some of the biggest shots in the national and international business, acknowledging him as the busiest producer in Denmark. In few words Frederik Olufsen manages to create a completely unique sound-spectre, by combining his musical past and present which alia results in bassline swept elements of classical music and stupidly large loads of funk.

In late 2009 Frederik Olufsen launched Denmarks hottest electro label Royal Fetish Recordings.

Alphabeat – Heatwave (Frederik Olufsen Remix)

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