Cassius + Popskarr

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Popskarr recently released a Cassius remix to I Love You So off the Rawkers EP. Their take on it is pretty fantastic. It’s a mellowed-out version of the original (which is also fantastic, and can be found on hype machine). Hypnotic and enticing, the combo created by the Cape town boys is so catchy you will need a copy after the first listen. And since we are so close to Halloween, you may want to pencil this into the playlist for around 1 AM. For more about Popskarr read the passage below.

Popskarr are an Electronic/Nu-Disco/Chill Wave/ Misty pop (call it what you want) band from Cape town South Africa. Popskarr was started in early 2009 and consists of Yannick Ilunga and Terrence Pearce. They met after Yannick went to a show that Terrence was Djing at and introduced himself after the show. After a while Yannick met Spoek Mathambo (Sweat X/Playdoe) whom ironically suggested that he meet with Terrence. Yannick could sing and play guitar whilst Terrence could produce the tracks, alas, Popskarr was born…. They have been compared to the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Bloc Party and many other Synth Pop electronic acts. They have been feature on numerous international blogs, including LA based Dreamwave Label Binary Entertainment.

In a short time being together, they have played with big names like, The Dirty Skirts, Desmond and the tutus, Phfat, The Real Estate Agents, Jack Parow at the Design Indaba launch party and have done remixes for international acts like Polygon Palace, Short Circuit, Penguin Prison, We Have Band, Monarchy and soon to be released, The Detachments. Popskarr keep growing and growing with every new track they create, getting closer to the sound that is Popskarr. They are a band that can truely claim they are taking South African music in a different and fresh direction.

Cassius – I Love You So (Popskarr Remix)

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