Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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A few friends of mine recently got together to do a bit of a ‘wayback playback’ session where we feature some of our favourites from artists that others may not have had the opportunity to hear when each were in their ‘prime’.  I definitely missed this back in 2008, but thanks to a good ol’ pal, I’m in the dark no more!

The Norwegian Marius Vareid is one half of Ytre Rymden Dansskola and is currently preparing his first solo album with Prins Thomas in his K16 Studios. His stuff is the kind of Balearic house that puts a smile on your face, mixing lushness, pianos and a driving beat. All of which is perfected in that one single from ’08. Take a little gander below to have a listen and hit up the Norwegian’s site for more excellent beats.

Tropisk Storm comes from the release Skumle Planer (2008) in case any were wondering.

Marius Vareid – Tropisk Storm

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