Electric Youth + Fare Soldi [2 For 1 Thursday]

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In case you missed it, Electric Youth released their newest just over a week ago. The duo from Ontario continuously hit all the right chords with me. This time they hooked me with Bronwyn’s sultry vocals and Austin’s ‘in your face’ electric-pop backdrop. Right Back To You is a jam everyone should have in their library. Stay tuned for news on maybe an upcoming album? I’m speculating but they have enough tracks to put something together on an album. For those interested, follow any real news here.

Electric Youth – Right Back To You (Demo Mix)

*    *    *

I’m not quite sure when this next track dropped, but Fare Soldi’s new remix to Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand is dope. I have been listening to it non-stop this past week. Soldi packs in a pretty aggressive re-work that takes to the original pretty well. For those who don’t know who these guys are, you should click here for more previews. They’re sick.

Fare Soldi is partying in Italy this coming month. Click here for those dates.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (Fare Soldi Remix)

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