Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP Video Trilogy

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The third and final video installment of Russ Chimes’ Midnight Club EP video trilogy showed up the last few days completing the series. Some may have already caught the video a little earlier via youtube. Together they are a unique marketing campaign that has sample music from Russ Chimes’ new Midnight Club EP stream across a trilogy of films depicting an ongoing story. The theme chosen is a kidnapping and the attempt to trace evidence back to the scene and how it was filmed really made the project successful. Blog-goers and fans checked bi-weekly for the newest video release allowing the upcoming EP to stay in the news for an additional two months. Pretty smooth. Anyway, here is what all the hype was about in case you missed it.

If you want the music, watch for the new EP release date here!

For all music/things Russ Chimes:

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