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Might is a 21 year-old from Orange County who is trying to change the world with his electro funk beats. He has a few done already and many more are on their way. Below is just a small sample of what he can produce. Burn Me Up is my longtime favourite. Despite it being an instrumental, the funk rifts are packed so tightly that they are nearly exploding throughout the track in smooth waves. Ninth Hour Girls is a close second after working in some great samples. Both can easily get you hooked.

If you like Might, you can check out more of his tunes on his Myspace page or on his Soundcloud page.

Might – Burn Me Up (Instrumental) * – removed by request

Might – Ninth Hour Girlsremoved by request

Might – Stomping Grounds removed by request

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One thought on “Might!

    Daddy said:
    Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 5:19 PM,

    This is the best composer in the world ! And he is gonna have a long long sucessful career ! We love might !

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