Sunday Girl + Young Empires.

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Young Empires are crazy good. The Toronto-based trio have a very distinguished and unique sound that sets them apart from the competition. They recently used their abilities to rework Self Control, a single from the UK’s Sunday Girl. The track also celebrates the Young Empires UK-tour happening in late July 2010. If you’re in the area, check the list:

Jul 27.10 – Madame JoJo’s // White Heat [London, England, UK]

Jul 29.10 – Start The Bus [Bristol, England, UK]

Jul 30.10 – Koko // Club NME [London, England, UK]

Jul 31.10 – Audio // The Recommender [Brighton, England, UK]

Aug 1.10 – The Captain’s Rest [Glasgow, Scotland, UK]

Aug 3.10 – The Flowerpot [London, England, UK]

Sunday Girl is the solo project of Jade Williams who after some smothering signed to Geffen Records (Universal). The name comes from an old job she had in a Pet Shop where she worked every Sunday and was known simply as Sunday Girl. Her first single intuited as Four Floors brings arrangements Sinthy-pop merged for classical instruments, the music was co-written by the young and produced by Diplo.*

Sunday Girl – Self Control (Young Empires Remix)

*mtv bio.

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