DCUP [More Remixes]

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DCUP resurfaced a lot for me this past week. I’m not sure why that was but the Australian sure has a resounding amount of skills. With it being the weekend, I thought we could all use a little more DCUP in our lives. Below are some notables not on this site yet- but they should be. For more, check out some previous posts we’ve done on DCUP here. They all hold some unique and delicious beats- especially the Rainbows of Death remix to Style as well as the Phonat mix to Love Hits The Fan.

GRUM – Can’t Shake This Feeling (DCUP Remix)

Pablo Calamari – Think About You (DCUP Remix)

Damn Arms – Destination Pt. 1 (DCUP Remix)

DCUP – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

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One thought on “DCUP [More Remixes]

    shane said:
    Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 11:53 AM,

    his remix of filter freak by denzal park is way too legit!

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