Salad – [Pushin’ Pressure + Chicago]

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Salad is a Canadian DJ from Ottawa who has been producing music for the last two years or so now on his current stuff, he has been Dj’n for the past four. Within that little time frame he has perfected some great jazz-based disco that plays right up our alley. The two beats he tossed us tend to start off with something seemingly simple, but then the combination of electro, funk, disco, and jazz come together to create something quite more abstract than I could have ever expected. The sound is something serious and the killer of course is the light jazzy keys. They give each track that added boost that could brighten anyone’s day.

Whether it’s performing his Greek, fruit and Mediterranean salad mixes as a dj, or performing his originals with his gang of cronies, The Disco Vikings, Salad’s objective is to liven up the party and such objective is never disappointed.

Watch out for his latest EP, set to release  late August. Check here for that. Until then, enjoy Pushing’ Pressure and Chicago, two tracks to be featured on the album.

Salad – Pushin’ Pressure

Salad – Chicago (feat. Drew Zaremba)*


Salad – Darwin Finch

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