Trim The Fat [Riding Rails]

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Another epic-odyssey of disco-house dreams fills the air and the man responsible is off getting exercise. The UK DJ & Producer Trim The Fat has people stirring with his latest release Riding Rails. It’s his latest after releasing the album How Strange, which I believe released earlier this year.

To get your hands on a copy visit beatport and buy it here.

Nicky Howard is Trim The Fat and he is signed to type six recordings. He has a very distinct mellowed-out electonic vibe that I dig. And the occasional synth drop doesn’t hurt either. Check myspace for new releases and all TTF news.

Trim The Fat – Riding Rails *

BONUS! (from their past album entitled, How Strange)

Trim The Fat – How Strange

Trim The Fat – Honey Trap *

Trim The Fat – Don’t Go So Fast

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2 thoughts on “Trim The Fat [Riding Rails]

    Andres said:
    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 2:33 AM,

    Woop Woop!

    Thanks for the great posting…love the musik!

    Ted said:
    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 4:03 AM,

    This guys music is fantastic! Can’t believe I’d never heard of him!

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