Ghostland Observatory + (Pretty) Girls + Lasers & SomethingALaMode Feat. K FLay

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A little rock + electronic combo today with a remix to Ghostland Observatory’s Sad Sad City by (Pretty) Girls & Lasers. It’s catchy, rhythmic and electronically vibrant- this mix brings it. New York City based (Pretty) Girls & Lasers emphasized the electronic element withing Ghostland Observatory’s original sound and topped it all off with their own dash of style. I like the result.

Also, I was intrigued with the band’s own personal website that doubles as a website / blog. It’s a great way to pass on information, especially for newer artists that may need that extra explanation regarding news, singles, remixes, dates, and more. I hope more artists would do this type of thing (find their website here). Anyway, as for the mixes I’m a huge fan. They won me over through a post done up by Off The Radar (check here for that). The OTR post has a few more remixes that will compliment this remix real well if you dig it.

Ghostland Observatory are based out of Austin, TX and are signed to Trashy Moped Recordings.

Ghostland Observatory – Sad Sad City ((Pretty ) Girls & Lasers)


Great party track from SomethingALaMode and K FLay remixed by Pance Party.

SomethingALaMode Feat. K FLay – 5 AM (Pance Party Remix)


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