Au Revoir Simone [PUNCHES] + New(ish) HOLY GHOST!

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Only You Can Make You Happy is a pretty revealing statement. It’s not a new philosophical concept (as far as literally controlling your own happiness goes) but PUNCHES turns the concept into a melody and he sure knows how to throw em down. His beat is revitalizing and Au Revoir Simone melts us with that original canvas. Together it’s oh so good. Who doesn’t like funky disco-pop?

Au Revoir Simone – Only You Can Make You Happy (Punches Remix)

*    *    *    *    *

Also!, I can’t get enough of Holy Ghost! The new track Say My Name is a bit of a new path for them but I dig it… almost as much as the old. But just like in High Jump, when you set the bar high enough, you’re going to have a couple faults. Not saying this is a fault at all but the bar definitely wobbled. Sick track nonetheless. How much do YOU love Holy Ghost!?

Holy Ghost! – Say My Name


Panthers – Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Disco Dub)

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back

Holy Ghost! – Hold On

Curses – The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Remix)


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