Young Empires – Rain of Gold [Teaser] & Bodies

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Young Empires are a relatively new project based out of Toronto, ON. The guys behind it all are Robert Aaron Ellingson, Jake Palahnuk, and Matthew Vlahovich. You may remember Matt from his sick solo work in GoldenGirls. I loved the old project but the new is spectacular. They have a phenomenal fresh and innovative sound.

The above video is a teaser to their new single Rain of Gold. Below you can find them working their own unique style to a killer track entitled Bodies. Enjoy! There’s tons of great tracks to check out on both myspace pages if you’re looking for more. I’m sure they’ll release a few tracks in the near future so stay tuned for that- you won’t want to miss out.

The trio are also hitting up much of the Toronto hot spots with tons of great established artists in the coming months. Check here for dates if you’re in the area!


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