“This Fang” supplies a welcome injection of pop

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Eumig and Chinon are the latest in series of groups determined to push the sampledelic Benihana work of Daft Punk to another dimension. The accelerated pace of the backbeat of the song cannot wipe out its oozing grooves. Even as jagged as the rhythms might appear, the sudden smoothness of the vocal-sample curves is enough to make it stand out from the rest of the pack. Repeated listens may or may not reveal some sense of organization. Clearly, the duo have learned how to control the ebb and flow of the dancefloor and exploit this skill by continuing to add and subtract different variations of riffs.

While these Danish Underground Music Award winners appear to be another in the series of Justice-like French disco acts, they bring more funk to their tracks and allow them to mystify like classic Underworld. How does this differ from the common multitrack-recording that any artist could easily mix in/out or mute remains to be deciphered. Perhaps that is what makes this track the equivalent of a danceable Rubik’s Cube.

From its muted beginning, the song explodes into its infectious riff carrying with it an insistent backbeat reminiscent of the Michael’s vocal tics on the Jacksons’ “Heartbreak Hotel.” However, then at the precise moment where you think you have it pegged, Eumig and Chinon subtly introduces guitar-ish strums and a funky bass line before taking it right back to the drum break again. On paper, this might seem repetitive and tiring; to your ears, it acts like the bridge of a classic pop song – completely renewing your interest in the main riff.

Eumig and Chinon – This Fang

Eumig and Chinon’s Underground Music Award Nomination Video

Eumig and Chinon [Myspace]

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