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We are excited to announce the new(ish) Aerial Noise Inbox.  We attempted to get this rolling awhile ago but it had a few bugs so now after moving servers, and with a little help from, we’re going to try to get it going again.

The inbox serves as a spot where anonymous users (such as yourself) can upload audio files directly to us. This is a quick and easy way to send us a quick fix on new beats you may want to share with us. Sometimes our email account gets overloaded and we have trouble responding to everyone.  We still do listen to everything that comes our way (I generally try to clean out all the tracks at least once weekly).

We recommend using this if you’ve been featured on here before (so we already know who you are as an artis and require little additional information)- but if you do have news that you want to share, please still hit us with an email.

So to access the Inbox in the future click the ‘AERIAL NOISE INBOX‘ link located under our ‘Network Us’ section in the toolbar on the left.

[ click below for the inbox ]

send me your music on Fairtilizer


For further information about submitting music, please see our information page.

Please be advised: All music shared within the Aerial Noise Inbox will be publicly distributed.  Therefore by sharing, you acknowledge you are have permission to publicly distribute these files and are fully aware of the corresponding copyright legalities and regulations affecting your music.

Send all other comments to:



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