Round Up #3: Fabian, Rockets, Kisses, Error :: Love / SayCet

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Back with another quick installment of some great tracks…

Fabian’s new mix to Oh Shit! & Night Drugs’ Everybody Needs has become my new favourite track over the past week. It’s scrumptiously filled with delightful disco beats and rockin’ verses that will have you moving. Then of course you have Fabian who puts it all together and makes you happy you are still on the dance floor at 1:18. Altogether now…

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (Fabian Remix)

This new Rockets remix fell just short of Fabian’s but I mean those rifts are hard to compete against. The Rockets have hit us before (see MAU remixes) so if you’ve been paying attention to them you would know by now that they have what it takes to compete with the big names out there. This new remix is further proof. Keep an eye on these guys throughout 2010! Big things are on the horizon.

Butterfly Bones – Crystal Caves (Rockets Remix)

Studying has been nearly impossible with the fantastic weather we have been having. Sun and warm weather makes the fresh spring tracks start to come to the forefront of my playlists. One of my recent favourites to grasp this light sound is the band Kisses with Bermuda. It’s captures that cottage/waterfront/boozin’ atmosphere we all love so much up here in the North. I think it’s fantastic.

Kisses – Bermuda

The bass – vocal combo Error :: Love do to Saycet’s Opal is simply one of a kind. A splash of fresh summery vocals with a hypnotic beat makes this track catchy as hell. Its been around before but damn I love it.

SayCet – Opal (Error :: Love – Opalowsky Remix)


Alright this warm weather really is incredible… GO OUTSIDE!

Cults – Go Outside

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