Telephoned do everything except phone it in

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Dance music generally follows different tenets based on its place of origin. While these characteristic beats and sensibilities create new music that immediately sounds familiar, it often maintains these boundaries. As familiar as a set of hip-hop hits recast as dance music may appear, the New York duo Telephoned are out to eliminate boundaries and create radio-ready music that subverts these long respected rules.

The standout “Rockin’ That Thang” reframes The Dream’s hit from last year as both classic disco and its French counterpart that emerged in the 1990s. That blend is what makes the music of Telephoned so different. “Turn My Swag On” booms out of your stereo with that same Soulja Boy beat that rattles the windows (and singer Maggie Horn’s charming snarled ‘whassup’) before resting the hook and taking an unexpected left-turn into a dub beat accented by an LFO toasting.

These ideas are what separates Telephoned from those who would simply choose to distill a hit song into their own. Sammy Bananas reveals with a little attention to detail (and a little less driving the hook into your skull for four straight minutes), that beneath these covers – Telephoned offers a lot of promise.

Enjoy these tracks from the EP and more on Telephoned’s new mixtape, Off The Hook, which you can download at RCRD LBL.

Telephoned – Rockin’ That Thang


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