Ricochet Toys [Tears Don’t Cry]

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This is not something I would usually post across here but I was feeling a little frisky the other night and thought I would try and thread some Ricochet Toys into the party mix.  Was I ever surprised with the response, especially from ladies well versed in the art of dance.  It must be that pure rhythm that’s real easy to find and therefore easy to move too;  Or possibly its that dark vocals that makes all those p.y.t’s love it.  Regardless, it spiced up my night a bit so maybe it can do the same to yours.

The Ricochet Toys made a pact that when the then current season of Power Rangers was over they would start a band and try to destroy the earth in an altogether different way – through the medium of electro-indie-disco-funk! That was ’96, this is now.   This time around David Freddie Lee came close to his goal by producing a number of brand new dicotronic beauties available on his myspace… this beauty being one of them.

you know if we try, we could probably make this into something very special

Ricochet Toys – Tears Don’t Cry


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