MillionYoung [Hammock+Mien]

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MillionYoung surprised me with Hammock, and then surprised me even more when I dug a little deeper.  The light indie feel in Hammock is awesome. The track has a lot of great elements perfect for chillin by the coast, and even better for those hitting hot destinations in the next couple weeks over everone’s break.  The track Mien is also worth listening too. Both have that ambient. dreamy, coastal-vibe that works so well for the Florida-native, M.D. These are a beautiful couple of tracks ahead.

Local tour dates throughout the US with a quick Canadian stop in Toronto March 14, 2010 at Wrongbar.

MillionYoung is signed to the indie label Arcade Sound Ltd.

MillionYoung – Hammock

MillionYoung – Mien *


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