Rhythm Droid [Sunrise On Planet Tokyo]

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Rhythm Droid brings in today with a hypnotic synth anthem in Sunrise On Planet Tokyo.  The track is great for DJ’s searching for new tempo beats.  Rhythm Droid is Tokyo-based Devon Hughes who produces eccentric electro beats.   His shows are often innovative with him sometimes hitting the stage with just synths and sequencers- leaving that pesky laptop at home.  Influences vary from Japanese Pop to Detroit Techno, French electro to 70s fusion.  You can feel it throughout all his tracks creating some real bang on shit.

Rhythm Droid is with Eye Industries alongside other notables such as The Twelves, Alan Braxe and Russ Chimes.

Rhythm Droid – Sunrise On Planet Tokyo


Rhythm Droid – Vector Interlock

Rhythm Droid – My Neon Heart


One thought on “Rhythm Droid [Sunrise On Planet Tokyo]

    jojo said:
    Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 3:28 AM,

    Rhythm Droid – Vector Interlock – great hook! keep the good vibe!!! greets j.

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