GLOVES [Saturday Night]

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Saturday Night has me feeling for the weekend.  Another classic GLOVES mix has hit our radar and we think the Melbourne crew have hit it big here. GLOVES are great at producing fresh playful sounds.  They currently have a few local shows in Australia (Dates), but nothing exciting for us westerners unfortunately.

Also!, I also recently heard for the first time the GLOVES mix to This Moment.  It’s real gritty funk disco with some great synthesizer for your ears. There’s lots of different elements for you to dig so I thought I would include it.

♫ MP3: Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night (GLOVES Remix)

Get Stellar – The Moment (GLOVES Remix)


The Scare – Could Be Bad (GLOVES Mix – Radio Edit)

Van She – Changes (GLOVES Remix)


One thought on “GLOVES [Saturday Night]

    Shanos08 said:
    Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 4:39 AM,

    Nice house grooves. Thanks heaps

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