Bob Sinclair [Kiss My Eyes]

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Bob Sinclair reggae mixes are delicious. They just don’t come around often.  Sinclair  has a way of making soulful beats with powerful low tempo energy. The latest to come my way is, (or was), an unreleased reggae version to his own Kiss My Eyes. The vibe is insanely smooth and so, so good throughout! I wish I could remember how or who it was who passed this to me because you really, REALLY need some props sent your way right about now. There’s two other classics by Sinclair listed below.

One of them is the phenomenal Stardust collaboration in Music Sounds Better With You. The canvas is so good using samples from Chaka Khan’s Fate. Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and, vocalist Benjamin Diamond hit it big with that 1998 single. Bob Sinclair slows it down a bit with his own little funk edit.  I wish a handful or more unreleased Stardust tracks suddenly surfaced to reinvigorate the dance floor. Oh what a day that would be.

Bob Sinclair – Kiss My Eyes (Unreleased Reggae Version)


Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclair Mix)

Dimitri From Paris – Sacre Francais (Bob Sinclair Paradise Mix Edit)


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