CRJ Is Lost [Someone Help!]

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CRJ has disappeared!  Everyone should be on the look out!  I tried finding him at his usual spot, but *poof,* he vanished into the dangerous realm that is the internet.  Luckily a few artifacts remain to remember him by.  Where’d you go CRJ?

We Plants Are Happy Plants reintroduced the song Loverider back into society with a remix-  one dirty, damn good remix.  Ivory Tower on the other hand, is a cover of Giorgio Moroder’s legendary track from the Never-Ending Story!

CRJ – Loverider (We Plants Are Happy Plants)

CRJ – Loverider (With Thomas Dorian) (Original)

CRJ – Ivory Tower

CRJ – El3ph4nts Pt. 1 (Restored Version 2009)

CRJ – Geometry Pt. 1 (Restored version 2009)

* Tobias from Dodselectro (brilliant site) just informed us that CRJ turned his solo project into a partnership with Thomas Dorian under the alias, Human Contact. It’s a scary thing when you lose track of an artist and all of a sudden you’re in the dark again so thanks Tobias for the intel.


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    Tobias said:
    Monday, January 11, 2010 at 4:48 AM,

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