Koro Inu + MMII [Black Dog Dubs]

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midnightminustwo does dubwise with this four tracker from Koro Inu. It was originally a side project for label boss Phil Clodhoppa, who, with two other musical projects that have very distinctive sounds, needed an avenue for exploring his love for dub and beats.

This method transcends throughout these Black Dog Dubs, which kick off with four tracks that explore bass culture, while all sharing the same stripped back and lean dub ethic of enveloping bass, solid rhythms and cascading melodies.

Koro Inu – Selassie Singing

Koro Inu + Departure Dub

Koro Inu – Sidewinder

Koro Inu – The Lurker

these individuals can be purchased here.

[email subm.]

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We apologize for the lack of downloads available today, but we’ll make it up to you… check in tomorrow for our 2009 ‘Year In Review,’ where we recap all the good shit that came our way over the last 365 days.


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