Peter Visti [Balearic Love + Tokyo by Night]

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I’ve been a fan of Peter Visti (left in photo) for awhile.  He has a habit of turning over unbelievable disco soundscapes.  Balearic Love is probably my favourite and comes from the 2006 self-titled EP.  It is laced with soft sensual disco vibes.  Visti always impresses me when he produces these profound instrumentals.  So much so. I have found refuge in another instrumental.

Tokyo By Night is a little heavier and sporadic in its bassline.  It contains that signature Visti disco face-slap I love so much.

Peter Visti – Balearic Love

Peter Visti – Tokyo By Night

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One thought on “Peter Visti [Balearic Love + Tokyo by Night]

    Ctel said:
    Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 4:31 PM,

    Peter’s work is so lovely

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