Lebatman [Milk Run + Company]

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Stadtkind aka Lebatman from Italy keeps pumping out new beats like there’s no tomorrow.  He produces electro disco-house with an 80s synth feel.  Absolutely great stuff.  The newest in Milk Run stays with Lebatmans established style.  It combines trance inspired synths and a funky bass exploring the track inside and out.  I really enjoy the past from him so I included em in the streams.  Enjoy.

Lebatman – Milk Run

Lebatman – La Maitresse Aux Yeux D’or

Lebatman – Valentina

Sunset Cruisin – Perfect Wave (Lebatman Remix)


Lebatman – Alphaville

WORSHIP – Fat Love (Lebatman Remix)

The Cars – Heartbeat City (Lebatman Remix)

Fukkk Offf – BlOOdfuck (Lebatman Remix)

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