Dance Anthems [Various Remixes]

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Alright well seeming as its Friday and I have had a bunch of great new dance tracks come to me over this past week, I thought I would do a little combo post with a couple of them.

Steed Lord are just brilliantly ballin out lately with some real special remixes. I first came across the group through a Russ Chimes remix we posted the other day. While it’s extra special, I have to say this new remix gives it some competition. The NY crew Steed Lord have recently released The Truth Serum last Nov 03.09, which can be purchased off beatport. It is a great album with lots of fresh sounds and remixes including this gem found below.

Steed Lord – Boy U Know (Jungle Fiction Remix feat. Vyle)

Kesha’s new music video dropped this month to her August hit Tik Tok. The new remix from DJ Skeet Skeet brings a bit of a twist from the overproduced pop original. Even though it’s hard to get by the vocals, which sound largely filtered, this track still offers a pretty solid blend of danceable electro-pop vibes. It’s your typical dance party anthem and will definitely have the girls moving.

Kesha – Tik Tok (Skeet Skeet Remix)

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