Gold In The Fire [Monarchy+Diamond Cut]

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The original is a month old but still has that soft captivating sound that we all enjoy. I was buzzin off Gold In The Fire for its initial three weeks before it slowly started to fade from my speakers and take its rightful place within my library. The London-based duo Monarchy have a lot of people talking after October’s debut success.

They have finally released some new tracks!! All of which are actually not half bad. I’m a big fan of the Penguin Prison Remix (found on myspace).  Still, I haven’t been able to find anything released to share but if something comes up I will definitely toss it up.  For now check out all the new stuff on their myspace.

What prompted me to bring this track back up again is the brand new remix by Diamond Cut. I know we just mentioned them a few days prior but we somehow crossed paths or were writing the post as he was producing because we somehow missed it.  It’s a great 80s-esque remix.  I dig it.

Monarchy – Gold In The Fire (Diamond Cut Remix)


Monarchy – Gold In The Fire

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