Justin Faust [Remixes]

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Justin Faust is somewhat of a remix god when it comes to producing danceable music.  He started producing house-music in 1992 and has since released a bunch of records over the years.  Faust is recognized by the sound that pumps through the speakers and the workout everyone else’s shoes go through when his own music comes on. There is so much great stuff out there but check out the brand new Stress NaNaNah! Remix that just hit his myspace the other day. It’s mad fresh!

Nevermind! I found we the official copy emailed to us courtesy of nice people music. Thanks guys!

Stress – NaNaNah! (Justin Faust Remix) *


Nightriders – Take My Hand (Justin Faust Remix)

Something A La Mode – Rondo Parisiano (Justin Faust Remix)

Edwin Van Cleef – I Want You (Justin Faust Remix)

Bestrack – With You (Justin Faust Remix)

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