Funk D’Void [All That Matters]

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Funk D’Void has just created one of my new top electro-funk soundscape’s of the past week.  All That Matters is a delicious combination of smooth synth and funky rhythm.  Each component is flawlessly threaded into the next creating a perfect blend of beat and flare.  By far one of the more entertaining things to hit my speakers in awhile.

Lars Sandberg AKA Funk D’Void, is a DJ and producer who has been at the forefront of the global electronic music scene since the mid-90s. He started Djing at around the age of 15, running two under-18 clubs himself – a perfect start to his career. Knowing his vocation to music from an early age after being brought up by his professional pianist mother, Lars never had any doubt as to where his future would lie.  His passion and talent transcends through the music he makes creating a very personal experience for any listener.

Facebook appears to be the primary method to stay connected to Lars.  Add him, fan him, and send him props there.

Funk D’Void – All That Matters

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