Earthquake [Treasure Fingers’ Epicwave Remix]

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Little Boots has certainly established herself in the business.  After leaving her old project Dead Disco in 2007, Victoria Christina Hesketh focused on a solo career in pop music.  In early 2008 she acquired her alias as Little Boots from a close friend after watching the film Caligula (‘Little Boot’ in Latin), and  in reference to her small feet .  Soon after, she united with Greg Kurstin to start production on her debut album and things really took off.  The 2008 debut album Hands did extremely well, but most of her fame came after the 2009 release of Illuminations, an EP that contained the hits Stuck On Repeat and New In Town.

The remix to Earthquake by the Treasure Fingers is a mean compliment to some ferocious vocals.  The track holds some devastating disco sequences.  Combine them with the catchy, rhythmic handclaps and you have yourself one great party banger.

Earthquake is available November 16, 2009 on 679/Atlantic.

Little Boots – Earthquake (Treasure Fingers’ Epicwave remix)

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