Cinnamon Chasers – The Elements

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cinnamon chasers

Russ Davies has been hard at work.  The man behind the Cinnamon Chasers is releasing his latest today in an LP entitled The ElementsModus Records were nice enough to send us a preview and we are very thankful.

Davies continues to tweak his sound but within The Elements he redefines himself within the electro-pop soundscape scene.  Having already witnessed his exceptional talent in electric melodies (Luv Deluxe), the new LP changes scenes a bit to showcase how well the Chasers can captivate and entrance you with rhythm using a variety of techniques and transitions.  Modus was nice enough to release a track so everyone can sample but it fails to do the album justice because it’s threaded together beautifully and you really can’t envision that through one song.  Essentially, the LP is excellent.

The track we have is The Girls Are Getting All The Fun. It is a great example of how the new LP fits together.  Combining some dreamy-synth and hypnotic vibes you really can’t go wrong.  This is a temporary download.  It will be removed Aug 31.09.  Sample it while you can but most importantly check out the album.

Cinnamon Chasers – The Girls Are Getting All The Fun (removed by request)


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