Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend

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Calvin Harris is great.  I had to laugh a bit while watching his new promo-vid for the recent release of his new album Ready For The Weekend.  However, that remix rendition at the end sure is fantastic.

We scored a few tracks to share off the new album but knowing Calvin’s style he definitely saved a few jaw droppers to those who pick it up. The 2009 sophomore album has been waited on since the release of I’m Not Alone, and well, it’s finally here.  Those in Vancouver are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him as he passes through the tail end of his US tour Sep 13.09 at Venue for a DJ set. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, all these songs kick ass.

Calvin Harris – Flashback (removed by request)

Calvin Harris – Stars Come Out (removed by request)

Calvin Harris – The Rain (removed by request)

In case you missed our tracks, don’t worry find them all here.

On a side note, yesterday I stumbled across a great video to Holy Ghost!’s single I Will Come Back, catch it here.

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One thought on “Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend

    mach5 said:
    Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 11:37 PM,

    Thanks posting these. It’s going to be tough for him to follow up his debut album. While ‘Ready For the Weekend’ is solid, it’s just not going to be the smash that ‘Acceptable in the 80’s’ was. I do however LOVE his Jam TV Vlog series on YouTube. Those videos are really funny.

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