Bad Electricity? Lifelike and Lovebirds

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How good can Lifelike get? I don’t know how but he seems to turn a lot of shit into gold; including this Moby track. It’s short, but at just under 3 minutes it leaves a serious mark. If there’s anyone out there with access to a plane who would want to take us to go see Lifelike in Stockholm August 29.09, let us know. Haha. We love flying.  Much props to LA Friendly for yet another top notch release.

Moby – Mistakes (Lifelike Remix)


Lovebirds are brilliant.  Modern Stalking is a track that can instantly put you on cruise control if it catches you just right. Combining Soul, Funk, and House, tho solo project from Sebastian Doering is fantastic.  He promotes his music as a ‘blast from the past with house steroids.’  Interesting, no?  The first Lovebirds release came with the Modern Stalking EP in April 2007.  It contained some mid-tempo house and flares of funk that caught a lot of public attention.  Moreover, it showed what Doering was capable of.  Having dabbled through production and music since 1998, Modern Stalking was no fluke.  To prove it you can check out more at their myspace but nothing quite hits like this.

Modern Stalking – Lovebirds

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