Cinnamon Chasers

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cinnamon chasers

Cinnamon Chasers are my favourite solo project when it comes to producing electro-pop melodies.  The track Luv Deluxe continues to be one of my top played instrumentals this year.  Since it came out, Russ Davies is only getting better.  He is known more for the softer/indie take on electro-pop instrumentals.  Lately his tracks are accompanied by dreamy soft vocals; although, its nothing to heavy that would detract from Davies signature sound.  If you want to follow up, be sure to check out the various tracks the Cinnamon Chasers are promoting via myspace.

Diamond Cut recently took notice and churned out a remix to the Chaser’s track I Like Watching You.  Adding a bit of flare and a catchy dance vibe the two combine to create one dreamy disco track.

Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)

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