Soak Some Sun

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Nice weather deserves good music.  While we were hit with some rain today the last few days were spectacular.  Fitting, a group called Tanlines hit my library the past week, and well, wow.   The tracks New Flowers and Bejan particularly grabbed my attention.  Simply put- awesome.  The sound is a cross between some very experimental electro and hypnotic disco vibes.  It’s hard not to want more.  But good news! Tanlines are in the area soon! Shows in Montreal (Jun 19) and Toronto (Jun 20).  Check the concert listings for more info.

Tanlines – New Flowers

Tanlines – Bejan

Mikro is another funky fresh summer jam I picked up the other day.  Very ‘summery’ instrumental feel to it.

Mikro – The Sun In My Face


PNAU – With You Forever

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One thought on “Soak Some Sun

    ...loveMaegan said:
    Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 5:12 PM,

    love it. love tan lines. doing a post actually now. lol. may link to this

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