NightWaves are electric.

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Another stumble, another brilliant artist. NightWaves mix a cross of smooth vocals, heavy and disco-electro, all while creating some overall stellar music.  My favourite is the track She’s Electric– a demo that is pretty sick first time around.  A rare treat that doesn’t happen too often.  The L.A. based DJ duo have been producing a lot of mainstream-electro beats/melodies attracting more and more listeners.  Despite the new demo that recently released, NightWaves have been producing some interesting stuff for awhile now.  Below are some goodies- plus a few oldies, but all in all some great tracks.  If you dig what you hear, bookmark their myspace as they regularly toss up new stuff including some stems if you’re interested in mixing any of their recent tracks.

NightWaves – She’s Electric (Demo)

NightWaves – Easy Money (Fabian Remix)

NightWaves – Super Human

Phoenix – 1901 (NightWaves Remix)

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