Passion Pit are exploding.

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Passion Pit are slowly starting to become over hyped.  I keep hearing all this talk about Passion Pit becoming the next big fruity pop explosion, following the path that MGMT had created the past two years.  Personally, I’m not feeling the comparison.  Both are great unique groups that need to be distinguished separately.  It’s not really important though because while one project was massive, the other is slowly becoming huge themselves.  Passion Pit are currently hitting it huge and are having a considerable amount of talent dropping in dope mix after another to their tracks.  We have already tossed out a Calvin Harris mix found here, but below is a small preview of some of the gold Passion Pit + company have been making.  Some real good shit, especially that Burns remix.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Shuttles Super Club Mega Mix ’99)

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Burns Remix)

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (LOL Boys)

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Wallpaper. Dio Remix)

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