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The past week we have neglected some stuff we shouldn’t have. We apologize. We offer these “forgotten” songs as tribute.

DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Boys 8-Bit Remix)

I have had this remix to DJ Mujava for just over a week now. My copy was in rough shape, low quality and therefore was very quiet with a loooong fade-in (30 secs). I attempted to tweak this version a bit to get the acoustics a little bit louder. Once I did it was masterful. Boys 8-Bit sound like a combination between the Crookers and Digitalism with a raw, wicked synth. However!!! wait for it- give it some time to warm up in it’s interlude.

The Teenagers – Feeling Better (Build Remix)

This song has been tossed and turned since early ’08. However, I think this Build remix finally hit the spot I was looking for in The Teenagers. A great track to waste the night away with, whatever the mood.

Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Extended Dub)

As part of A-Trak’s promotional countdown to his new release Infinity+1 on March 31, he has released an extended dub version of Sebastien Tellier’s “Kilometer.” it’s GOLD.

Lykke Li -Little Bit (Death To The Throne Remix)

This track is awesome. Death To The Throne added some bass to one of the more softer, captivating tracks within Lykke Li’s history. However, this is a really old throwback. It’s still a product of 2009- but probably mid January…. my baaaaad.

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    A-Trak to Canada « 317 electro said:
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 12:37 AM,

    […] Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak’s Extended Dub) | (original post) […]

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