Calvin Harris + N.C.Y.

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Calvin Harris dropped “I’m not alone” earlier this year. I’m not going to lie I was a bit hesitant after the first listen mainly because it strays far beyond the Calvin Harris we all are used to. Thankfully I smartened up after a couple listens, took my shades off and saw the gold beneath. If you don’t feel it the first time, give it a second- you may just be happy you did.

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (DMCA rbr)

Savannah Waves by N.C.Y. (Not Cool Yet) only took one listen. It’s a demo instrumental I came across the other day on BigStereo. Not Cool Yet appear to be almost half a year old and yet they seem to have mastered soft synth. They have only released two demo’s to the public but each make their own individual statement. Lots of potential coming out of Australia!

N.C.Y. (not cool yet) – Savannah Waves (320 KBS)

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