Gentlemen Thieves

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We were lucky enough to have a few tracks dropped to us by New York’s own Gentlemen Thieves. They have been producing music for a little over two years but decided only last September to release them via MySpace. We’re happy they did. “Wild Card” and “Magic” showcase the wide variety Thieves produce. “Wild Card” is an instrumental which houses various elements and techniques. Rhythm and tempo are always in motion throughout the track. The sporadic use of sounds moving in and out create a mash-up mix of goodness! “Magic” tosses in variations of what embodies much of the electro, pop, and dance scene currently. Catchy and captivating lyrics with a special Gentlemen Thieves magic makes it a simple track to mix and keep the dance floor moving. We don’t want to spoil all the fun as more can be found via their MySpace. So check em out and throw them some love. Hope you enjoy!

Gentlemen Thieves – Wild Card

Gentlemen Thieves – Magic

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