Treasure Fingers

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Treasure Fingers produce indie and electro beats that are remixed like no other. In September 2008, Scion A/V released a sampler of the newly hyped Fool’s Gold Remixed EP album full of exclusive remixes from Fool’s Gold Records (TF’s label). The album was to accompany the Scion/Fool’s Gold tour which kicked off in late October 2008. If you want a copy of the album you’ll have to hit up eBay or go searching the world wide web. The album had some killer bangers on it including the new remix of Big Gipp’s “Hot.”

The journey of Treasure Fingers started for me with the release of their mixtape from July 2007 entitled “40 Minutes in the Champagne Room.” I recommend taking a serious look at it if you haven’t heard it already. Catchy and vibrant, TF remixes are always bumpin’.

One Hand Loves The Other – Tortoise (Treasure Fingers Remix)

The Death Set – Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)

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