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November 2010 Recap

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Top tracks for November 2010:






Check out the Monthly 5 section to see all our archived top monthly downloads in one location.

Glass Actor [Distraction + Space Jump]

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Glass Actor is Greg Bowler (who is one half  of Los Angeles’s notorious Acid Girls). This time around Bowler used a variety of intricate and innovative electro breaks with mellowed out synth to spawn some glorious beats. Distraction is one of my favourites so far. It’s excellent all the way through and has a real special way of putting sporadic light synth together. Bowler is famous for never being afraid to push a sound in a new direction. And this direction is a winner.

Stay tuned for more Glass Actor releases through soundcloud and myspace.

Glass Actor – Distraction

Glass Actor – Space Jump

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Alphabeat + Frederik Olufsen

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Frederik Olufsen is back! The Danish producer is known for his hard hitting beats, which is why you should expect nothing less from this Alphabeat remix. It contains some powerful dance vocals and that typical Olufsen sound to bring down the house. You are going to want this at your next party.

Find Olufsen back touring early in the new year. You can get those dates, and any late addition, all by clicking right here.

*     *     *

In 2008 Frederik Olufsen had his first signing at the Danish house label Nightology Records, rapidly followed by contracts at various acknowledged labels (15+ atm) such as Coco Machete, Big Fish Recordings, Erase Records, Plasma.Digital etc. with remixes of/by the likes of Lazy Rich, Dirtyloud, Baba Black, FM Belfast, Alphabeat, Tai, Yenn, Dúné and Utku S. just to name a few. Recognized as the “black sheep” and noisy kid in class,

Frederik Olufsen’s unlimited forward thinking and boundless productivity has gained him support from some of the biggest shots in the national and international business, acknowledging him as the busiest producer in Denmark. In few words Frederik Olufsen manages to create a completely unique sound-spectre, by combining his musical past and present which alia results in bassline swept elements of classical music and stupidly large loads of funk.

In late 2009 Frederik Olufsen launched Denmarks hottest electro label Royal Fetish Recordings.

Alphabeat – Heatwave (Frederik Olufsen Remix)

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Prince Club

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Prince Club came to me the other day through an awesome rendition of Foals’ Blue Blood. It’s a fantastic dreamy mix that harnesses the softer side of the original. The added back-beat gives the track a little bit more flavour all while clubbing it up a little with the added light synth. The Montreal duo are releasing a new EP very soon off Discobelle Records. Stay tuned here for that.

Send these guys some love via facebook.

*     *     *

Prince Club (ex-MadKids) are two young dj/producers who have been attracting a certain amount of attention. In less then a year, the two have already released dual EP’s, which were instantly supported by industry heavyweights Mowgli, Round Table Knights, Camel, Brodinski, Edu K, Sinden and the whole Discobelle crew. With numerous club and festival gigs under their belts, including Montreal’s prestigious electronic music festival, Igloofest, Pikinic Electronik and the recent Nuits Sonores in Lyon, France, Prince Club are quickly securing their position among the Major Leaguers. You can catch their upcoming releases out soon on non-other than Discobelle Records, and many, many more.

Foals – Blue Blood (Prince Club Remix) *

Prince Club – Love Jackson

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Broke One [Tribute To An Era]

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Broke One hit us up with his own tribute to the Old School. It is excellent, so fresh and innovative! I have been in a bit of a lull lately so Tribute To An Era really hits home for me with its soft eclectic segments. It’s a slight deviation from the past  but it seems he can handle anything he puts his mind too. Send him some love on facebook.

Find tons more amazing beats by clicking here.

Broke One – Tribute To An Era

photo: fractal paint tree by Jay Jacobson

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Sean Roman

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One of Top Billin’s newest signings, Sean Roman, is back making some noise. The Toronto-based DJ and producer has it all. These couple of tracks showcase the unique raw ability Roman puts into his disco-house instrumentals. Where Is My Money & Sore + Fear are no exception. They both radiate a lovely combination of funky house flare.

For more great tracks check the archive or his Soundcloud page.

*     *     *

Sean Roman has got a few other buns in the oven, such as working on a group house music project called White Lions. White Lions are a production team made up of Sean Roman, and Cody LG and Rob Steal (from Rainbros check out their latest release on I’m a Cliche). White Lions is a project that takes house back to its roots while looking towards the future.  Drawing together a wide-range of influences and production techniques White Lions craft timeless evocative tracks that are guaranteed to get dancefloors moving for decades to come.

Check out that project here.

Sean Roman – Where Is My Money

Sean Roman – Sore + Fear

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